A Fallen Angel 안젤리나

SHINee - Wild Eyes HD (by Strawberimilkshakesu)

Just to commemorate their meeting on ShinBang LOL~

Everybody SCREAM!!!

The Rage Master….

eric scream

This person is not a rapper but a rocker…?

Eric scream 2

If you hear closely it’s the same tone (Sol and La)…

Min Ho

Everyone gone crazy…

Min woo


Neck coming off…..

andy scream

(Apologies for the noise at such a late timing…)

Rankings again!

While watching the preview (over like a million times) for ep 12, something caught my eye…in the background there’s the wall of rankings again!!!

This time the rankings goes:

1st - Hye Sung

2nd - Dong Wan

3rd - Min Woo

4th - Eric (AGAIN!)

5th - Andy

6th - Jun Jin

What could it be that is related to ‘Idol Channel’? But with Hye Sung being first, my guess is something not-good LOL!

Or could it be ‘who is most suitable to be the 6th member of Shinee’…?


120519 JTBC Shinhwa show SHINee preview (by CSWUNA)

Oh so it’s ‘Idol Channel’ next up, that’s why SHINee came on…looks there’s jumping and chicken fight games…again I am worried about Andy and Hye Sung…