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May 22

Short Notice

Axerine is away to Seoul, and kooriyuki will be heading over as well this coming Monday. Which means sab is the only left who can blog for the next two weeks.

Short Notice

Axerine is away to Seoul, and kooriyuki will be heading over as well this coming Monday. Which means sab is the only left who can blog for the next two weeks.

First Impression: God’s Quiz 4

First Impression: God’s Quiz 4


YES! (fist pump) Finally the long awaited 4th part series of God’s Quiz is here! We still (more or less) have the usual characters, there are newcomers, and some familiar faces are no longer with us. (boohoo! annyeong, Researcher Kim!!) Nevertheless, GQ4 follows in the same vein as previous GQ series, they even brought back the didactic moralising. (yawns)

The Cast:

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Movie Review - Miss Granny (2014)


First thing: Shim Eun Kyung REALLY looks like Kim Sun Ah. Second thing: Shim Eun Kyung is REALLY talented. Third thing: DO watch this movie.


Miss Granny is the top grossing domestic movie in Korea this year, and it is not difficult to see why. We have the nation’s granny, Na Moon Heeas Granny Oh Mal-soon, and Shim Eun Kyung is her 20 year-old self. Granny Mal-soon is fiesty even at 70, and she…

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May 14

First Impression: Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team

First Impression: Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team


The plot is … unexpected, to say the least. When dramabeans introduced Grandpas, I’d assume Choi Jin-hyuk and gang to mature gradually into Lee Soon-jae and his halbae pals. Not a Detective Conan-esque transformation. (for the clueless: Detective Conan is a Jap manga/anime series featuring a teenage detective who was reverse-aged into an elementary school kid)

I think nobody minds being…

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May 12

Witch vs. Queen


I decided I shall juz start on the mid-show review for Witch Romance slightly earlier, given the buzz online with viewers comparing the Taiwanese (original) version with the Korean (adapted) version. Imo, both shows have its flaws and strengths. But both are equally entertaining.

1) Witch Ji-yeon vs Queen Wu Shuang

wr3Witch Ji-yeon loses this round. Comparatively, she is less mean and caustic than…

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First Impression: You’re All Surrounded

First Impression: You’re All Surrounded


Police thriller? checked. Comedy? checked. (and cross fingers it won’t spiral into Level 7) Big shot K-stars? checked. (double checked that) Reasons for me to drop everything and watch You’re All Surrounded. (and to he*l with backlogs)


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May 11



May 09

For all the Lee Dong Wook fans


Ok, I’m not an ardent fan of oppa, but I’ve generally enjoyed his works. Now, he had some rather funny scenes (despite his very serious character) in Hotel King:


The Gundam figurine he saved…


Don’t mind, Cha Jae-won.


And he had to be horsey for the young charge he somehow had to look after (seriously, Hotel King is a VERY strange drama).

[TSKS][Hotel King][007][KO_CN][(089511)12-22-06][DLKOO.com][10站联合][Roommate][E001_140504][KO_CN].480p[12-33-42]

In reel and real life, Lee Dong Wook is a figurine…

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May 06

First Impression: Gap-dong


gd1For the gore lovers (like moi), sorry, the gore level here is pretty low. I’d place Gap-dong as a psychological thriller rather than the more straight forward slash-and-rip types of show (think Ten 1/2God’s Quiz). To have a really good psychological thriller, a series would need to replace visual scares with extremely good character buildups (meaning: NO 2D standees pls!) and chilling…

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