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Apr 17

First Impression: Witch’s Romance

First Impression: Witch’s Romance


I volunteered to watch and review this, cos I’ve watched the Taiwanese (original) version Queen of No Marriage (败犬女王). Only diff is in the Taiwanese series, the age gap between the noona and dongseang is 8 years, whereas in the Korean version it’s 14. And that irks a number of netizens and viewers (based on the entertainment reports i read). Oh well, to those people, I’d say…stop being so narrow…

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'tis the year of KDrama OTP reunions!


MyGirl_Posterkooriyuki: There must be something in the water/air because KDrama OTP reunions are taking place faster than we watch our dramas! There’s My Girl reunion, Successful Story of a Bright Girl reunion, and now a highly possible Time Between Dog and Wolf reunion.

sab: Yup, I loved the chemistry between Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong-wook, though it might be cos My Girlbelongs to the fluffy rom-coms I like to…

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Movie Review - The Attorney (2013)

Movie Review - The Attorney (2013) #koreanmovies


I wasn’t intending to watch this these days, but since Dad was bugging me for some movies to watch, I clicked on this, and boy, now I understand why the 80s in South Korea is sometimes referred to as the “dark times”.


The Attorney, according to Wikipedia, is based on a webtoon, which was in turn inspired by the pre-political life of the late previous President of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun.…

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Angel Eyes - Episodes 3 & 4

Angel Eyes – Episodes 3 & 4

Our leads have grown up! Seung Ri appears! Noble idiocy is back again! *pulls hair*

Episodes 3-4 move us forward to 12 years later in Seoul. Park Dong Joo has returned and enjoys cycling around his old neighbourhood while reminiscing about his teenage years and his first love. He’s now a surgeon at Se Young Hospital, which is also the same hospital where Soo Wan’s Dad (I’ll refer to him as Daddy…

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Apr 15

Kdrama Filming Location - Cherish Museum 체리쉬

Kdrama Filming Location – Cherish Museum 체리쉬

(Note: This trip was made in March 2014. Please do not edit, remove watermark, crop or reupload my pictures without permission. Take out with full and proper credits.)

Starting the ball rolling on the series of filming locations would be Cherish Museum from episode 6 of ‘Master’s Sun’! Fans of the drama would definitely remember this was where the climax of the episode with the military German…

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Apr 12

New member onboard…and a conversation post!

New member onboard…and a

mo il hwa

kooriyuki: Ok, so I managed to convince another of my friend to come join us in blogging, and what’s better than a conversation post to initiate a newcomer onboard?

axerine: *Peeps in*Hello everybadi~ this is axerinehere! Great to be onboard…will try my best to contribute as much as possible whenever I could squeeze time out from watching a gazillion amount of stuff ..and..eh what else should I…

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Apr 10

Angel Eyes - First Impressions

Angel Eyes – First Impressions


A-N-G-E-L E-Y-E-S.

That’s how one pronounces it in Korean. Honestly this show didn’t come under my radar until episode 190 of Running Man aired with  the main cast appearing on the show and I went ‘oh this combination of actors is interesting’ (okieeeee I admit I started watching because of SEUNG RI). I am not a fan of Go Hye Sun and I can’t remember much about Lee Sang Yoon (he has dimples so…

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3-in-1: God’s Quiz(zes) 1-3 Review (Part 2/3)

3-in-1: God’s Quiz(zes) 1-3 Review (Part 2/3)


kooriyuki said I shouldn’t bore readers to sleep with a lengthy blogpost. Or maybe she meant me boring her to sleep. So here’s instalment 2…

God’s Quiz 2 (Wrath of God)

Additional cast:

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Apr 06

ShinRacers LOL!

(Cr on pic)

ShinRacers LOL!

(Cr on pic)