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Sep 16

What Happens to My Family - Week 3

What Happens to My Family – Week 3


Imma do really weecaps + review (minimal writing, more screencaps) for this weekender. Some scenes are too hilarious not to be shared.

Dal Bong, Seo Wool, Eun Ho


Dal Bong finally runs into his ex-best friend Yoon Eun Ho. The boys squabble everytime they meet, and it escalated to a fight when Dal Bong saw Eun Ho brings Seo Wool to a baseball match (which got telecasted live on TV). It’s actually…

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Sep 14

Three Musketeers: Dysfunctional Family

Three Musketeers: Dysfunctional Family


I suppose every family has its wackos and psychos…but if you happen to be poor Crown Prince Sohyeon stuck in a royal family, the issues juz get blown out of proportions. Why is Lee Jin-wook getting yet another poor-thing-most-miserable-guy role? I thought Nine: Nine Times Time Travel was bad enough. But gosh, he can frown and look seeerrriiouuss so prettily.

For the record: I don’t want to cloud…

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Sep 13

Iron Man - (Snarky) First Impression

Iron Man – (Snarky) First Impression


I’m glad the first episode lives up to its snarky name. As in the promo material, Lee Dong Wook plays the character Joo Hong Bin, who literally sprouts knives from his body. Or we can call him the Iron Man, since it’s a literal as it gets. However, we only get to see the literal sprouting in what, the last 10 minutes, and for only like, 5 seconds?


The entire episode is spent on, introducing us…

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Sep 12

Fated to Love You - Finale Week

Fated to Love You – Finale Week


I’m more than happy to report that after weeks of angst/noble idoicy, Show is back to what it is best – cotton candy fluff and sweetness. Never has all’s well ends well been so befitting to a drama in recent times (or at least what I’ve watched recently), which furthermore brings a smile and an “awww” to our face.


Show is probably one of the rarer dramas that actually ties up all loose ends…

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Sep 11

Fated to Love You: Battle between two Fates

Fated to Love You: Battle between two Fates

For those who are waiting for kooriyuki‘s weekly analysis, fret not…she will publish it soon. Since I’ve watched both versions of Fated, my post shall be more on a quik compare-contrast. Both shows have their merits (and their not-so-good areas). At the end of the day, I adore both… but for different reasons.

1. Best couple award

[DLKOO.com][TSKS][One.Night.Memory][020][KO_CN][(044757)22-34-54]Jang-hyuk /Jang Na-ra pair beats Ethan Ruan/ Joe Chan hands down.…

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Sep 10

Drama Review - Joseon Gunman (KBS, 2014)

Drama Review – Joseon Gunman (KBS, 2014)


I don’t think people come here for the recaps for Joseon Gunman, since Dramabeans (and A Koala’s Playground) has it covered rather quickly weekly, but that’s not the reason why I stopped recapping. I’m really sorry for not being able to see through the recapping (sorry Oppa!), but I still watch this faithfully every week. It was a helluva ride, and I enjoyed it throughout. Show is definitely now…

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Sep 09

Reset ep2: my attempt at weecaps

Reset ep2: my attempt at weecaps


The title is literal. For once, no self-serving smart alecky titles from sab. (lol) Cos OCN as a channel doesn’t get much love or attention from online drama blogs, not a lot of bloggers actually recap OCN’s dramas. So I will try (note: the operative word is “TRY”) a weekly weecap of each episode. Cross my fingers I don’t get bored or tired of it along the way… [kooriyuki: I’ll click magic clicky…

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Sep 08

Plus Nine Boys - Week 2

Plus Nine Boys – Week 2

[TSKS][Nine Boy][004][KO_CN][23-04-21]

Show feels like it’s a story about the love life of our boys here so far, and I feel like the “curse” is taking a backseat in this week’s episode and focusing more on the our boys and their girls.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][003][KO_CN][23-01-49]

I thought the editing of the end of Episode 4 is rather jarring, jumping back and forth between Jin Goo and Dong Goo. I understand it’s likely the PD’s way of contrasting the brothers’ love life, but…

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Sep 07

The secret to banishing Monday (and mid-week) blues: Part 2/2

The secret to banishing Monday (and mid-week) blues: Part 2/2


For the earlier-than-mid-show review on Three Musketeers, pls see Part 1/2. If Three Musketeers helps in coping with starting work on a Monday, then Discovery of Romance gives me enough energy to look forward to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In fact, I think I am in love with Tuesdays/ Wednesdays. (or maybe i am juz very smitten with Eric…hee)

Discovery of Romance: Love triangles are fun — to the…

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Sep 06

What’s With This Family - First Impression

What’s With This Family – First Impression



After a half-year hiatus from watching never-ending long weekend family dramas, I’ve decided to pick up the new kid on the block on KBS. What’s With This Family is written by Kang Eun Kyung, who also wrote the classics Hotelier and Glass Slippers, but also the increasingly meh dramas such as Baker King and Gu Family Book (she penned Dal Ja’s Spring, which had quite a following back then). So her…

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