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Misaeng - First Impressions

Misaeng – First Impressions


[tvN] 미생.E01.141017.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(009755)00-15-57]

Contrary to the light-hearted trailers, the first outing of Misaeng is nothing light and fluffy. Based on a popular webtoon, Misaeng tracks the growth of a young first-timer salaryman, Jang Geu Rae (Im Shi Wan). Geu Rae used to be an ace in Baduk (or Go in Japanese), until a failure to advance as a professional player made him give up the game altogether.

We start the first episode with a chase…

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Plus Nine Boys - Week 7

Plus Nine Boys – Week 7

[TSKS][Nine Boy][014][KO_CN].mkv0034

Kwang Soo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][013][KO_CN][14-47-45]

Uncle Kwangsoo goes for a shopping date with Da In and Eun Seo, and while Da In gives us her usual brooding face, Kwangsoo is overjoyed at the date and happily takes a selca.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][013][KO_CN][14-48-48]

I think this scene serves to tell us that this will be Kwangsoo’s life in the future; don’t they look like a family? Despite Mom’s unapproval, she can’t do much to her kid brother imo, because he’s almost 40, yo.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][013][KO_CN][15-43-59]

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Three Musketeers: An unlikely couple

Three Musketeers: An unlikely couple


It’s a bromance galore in Three, with Crown Prince Sohyeon + Dal-hyang, Dal-hyang + Seung-po/Min-seo, Sohyeon + Seung-po/Min-seo…and now we have another potential bromance a-brewing. And this couple is supposed to be enemies — or at least, NOT that pal-ly with each other. They sit on opposite sides of the fence — one represents the oppressed Joseun dynasty, the other represents the oppressive…

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First Impression: Cantabile Tomorrow (Naeil’s Cantabile)

First Impression: Cantabile Tomorrow (Naeil’s Cantabile)


I told kooriyuki I am so… going to review Cantabile, cos I am more than qualified when it comes to the Cantabile franchise. I’ve read the mangas, followed the animes, pursued the J-doramas, watched the movie versions…and more than twice for each category. Yesh, I’m a Cantabile fan(atic). To me, Juri Ueno and Hiroshi Tamakiare the flesh and blood embodiments of Nodame and Chiaki-sama. But that is…

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Bad Guys: The Bear, The Wolf, and Jekyll-Hyde

Bad Guys: The Bear, The Wolf, and Jekyll-Hyde


bg5I am saved from recapping duty since Dramabeans is doing all of us a favour by recapping Bad weekly. That leaves me to fill up my page with what I do best — my funky weird analysis! (heh heh)

Before I start though, I need to whine a little on how bloody difficult it is to watch Bad (subbed) via streaming. Even for a bilingual person like me who have a choice of watching it with English or Chinese…

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Reset (ep7): Weecap

We spend this ep with Woo-jin at his staycation trip — in the local prison. Cos I’m a lazy bunny and the characters in this ep are again, likely to disappear after 2eps, I shall not bother to translate the Chinese subbed names to English. ;P


[OCN] 리셋.E07.141005.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[00-41-27]

Catching up again with Woo-jin as he checks in to the prison (under a pseudonym, of course) where Assassincame from. His objective is to learn who…

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Discovery of Love: Why pain is necessary for growth

Discovery of Love: Why pain is necessary for growth

Discovery finishes its run last week, and our previously separated OTP gets back together. It has been a fun watch, with its rom-com elements, but at the same time, it’s also pretty painful. Though at the end, all characters matured (i hope) and reach a better understanding of what it means to have a healthy romantic relationship. I’ve mentioned previously that the characters are very life-like,…

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Sunshine Award for 2014!

Sunshine Award for 2014!


Last year we had the Liebster Award, and this year we have the Sunshine Award. Thanks to aigooyobo and K-Drama Central for nominating us for Sunshine Award, and sorry for putting this out so long after we get nominated (I had a new job and sab just returned from her holidays). Nevertheless, here we go, one question at a time!


From aigooyobo:

What is your favorite drama and actor?


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Secret Door - First Impression

Secret Door – First Impression



I love this. Regular readers of our blog will know I’m an ardent lover of sageuks. I’m happy to report that Secret Doorlives up to my (high) expectations, albeit abit confusing due to the huge number of characters who appear in the first week of Show. It’s almost like a gathering of the regulars in sageuk dramas, and I’m a happy camper seeing all my favorite ahjusshis in the same drama pitting…

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Reset (ep6): Weecap

Consider this a bumper issue week — 2 weecaps in a row! :P Anyway, we begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel in ep6.


[OCN] 리셋.E06.140928.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[23-10-02]

Officer Ko tries calling Woo-jin to tell him that the man he is checking up on is Eun-bi’s dad. However Woo-jin has fallen into a dead faint at the iconic tree in Mirae Park. Officer Ko, on a hunch, rushes to there and finds Woo-jin collapsed in a heap on the…

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