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Drama Festival - Swine Escape Part 2 (MBC, 2013)

Drama Festival – Swine Escape Part 2 (MBC, 2013)




The next morning, Ho Yeon comes across the slave boy who’s learning how to write characters on the ground. He tells Ho Yeon he’s learning how to read for himself so that he’ll know if Ho Yeon is lying to him about the letter handed down from his grandfather. The now changed Ho Yeon decides to teach him more words, and the boy wonders aloud if Ho Yeon is really a yangban. Hee.


Back in…

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Drama Festival - Swine Escape Part 1 (MBC, 2013)

Drama Festival - Swine Escape (MBC, 2013)


This is a one act drama special from MBC late last year, which is where Park Ki Woong last appeared in any form of drama before his enlistment this year. It’s a breezy 1 hour watch, and although short, the story is engaging enough and tells a message of never to abuse people who work under/with you. You’ve been warned.

PS: I’ve decided to split the recap into two parts, because there’s alot to…

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Marriage Not Dating - Finale Week

Marriage Not Dating – Finale Week



Aww, one of the summer romcom has officially ended. The finale week sees the resolving of issues between the parents of Jang Mi and Ki-tae, which I say, it’s long overdue. The couple that screams divorce from the beginning, recounciled; and the seemingly model couple ended up in divorce. Kudos to Ki-tae’s grandma who actually gave Ki-tae’s Mom the green light to divorce her son, and also it was…

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Marriage, Not Dating: Gravitas in an airy rom-com

Marriage, Not Dating: Gravitas in an airy rom-com


Marriage is one of those few shows that manage to pull off fairly dense and serious materials without sinking into melodramas. The other (recent) show being High School King of Savvy; both remain firmly on the rom-com track but yet deliver didactic messages on family, love and marriage in 16-17eps. Like High, Marriagehas a ludicrious setting — having a pair of non-couple behave like they are…

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Summer Romcom - Week 7

Summer Romcom – Week 7


Fated to Love You


Gun finally cut his hair! Even if he looks different, the maniac laughter is still there. Apparently in the three years of absence of Mi Young, he is no longer the arrogant CEO, and how awesome it is that he has built a fine rapport with Mi Young’s mother? I love that her mother treats him like her own son, and it seems that he’d go visit her daily. She even makes their meeting…

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Discovery of Romance (Love): Of men…and bunnies

Discovery of Romance (Love): Of men…and bunnies


And why are men and bunnies similiar? Both are ridiculously cute in Discovery. (heh) It’s only 2eps, and I’ve totally fallen for Eric‘s smoldering gazes — Jung Yu-mi must have resolves of steel to withstand them! And of course, the super duper cute Netherlands dwarf bunny…awwwrrr. People says women are attracted to guys with dogs; well, what about guys with bunnies that can fit into their coat…

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Summer Romcom - Week 6

Summer Romcom – Week 6


Fated to Love You

I’ve read that the amnesia part is not in the original, and I’m happy to see that this version took the liberty to add in new plot lines. It’s a good thing that it last for all of an episode, because I’m not sure if I’ll drum my fingers impatiently should it last longer than that. Compared to Marriage Not Dating, the second leads here are less meddling and therefore more…

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First Impression: (My) Secret Hotel

First Impression: (My) Secret Hotel


I…really don’t know what to make of Secret Hotel. On the surface, it appears the usual light and frothy rom-com with an office setting (so expect the usual frenemies, office scandals, blahblah), but juz out of range from your peripheral vision, you sense something sinister lurking. (and waiting to pounce) The effect is kinda jarring, like drinking a sweet rice punch when you suddenly discover a…

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Marriage Not Dating group pictures! I love the ending! Going to miss the Nemo couple, especially Gong Gi Tae! Anticipating Yeon Woo Jin’s next project!

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So Ji Sub ‘Let’s Have Fun’ Singapore Public Press Conference 2014 fanpics

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